A Glimpse Into An Internship With Inka Creative!


We sat with down the amazing Anucia de Boer, Projects, People and Culture Manager at Inka Creative, to talk all things internships and take a glimpse into the Internship Program at Inka Creative!


Q: Anucia, tell us about the Internship Program at Inka. How long has the program been running for?

A: Our internship program has been running since Inka Creative started about 5 years ago! It started off as one intern coming in to support the team every now and then, but in the last couple of years it’s become much more formalised and it’s an essential part of who Inka is.


Q: What’s the duration of your internship program?

A: Each internship runs for 12 weeks


Q: How often do you open intakes for your internship program?

A: We open our intake every 3 to 6 months.


Q: Talk us through a typical day in the life of an Inka intern!

A: On the first day of an internship at Inka, we like to sit down with each of our interns and set goals. We ask our interns to set 3 goals that they want to achieve from their internship with Inka and from there, we create a program to help them achieve those goals! At the end of the internship, we sit down with each intern and reassess their goals, to ensure they’ve gotten the most out of their internship.

Generally, our interns have set tasks for the day, such as managing our general enquires inbox, doing community management, drafting copy, design and looking after our social media! Our interns get to be in charge of our Instagram stories, as well as collect content for us throughout the day. They assist with developing our strategy and we invite them to sit in on strategy meetings as well as client meetings, because understanding client relationships is so important!

We also get our interns to work on some of our campaigns. For example, in July we took part in Plastic Free July and one of our interns managed our Instagram campaign for this. She created content, blog posts, Instagram stories and was able get a good understanding of how different elements tie together to create a campaign.


Q: Have any of your interns transitioned into full time work with Inka?

A: Yes. . . Me! I started as an intern and then came on full time! Alanah Moir, our Marketing and Communications Whiz also made the transition! She originally started as an assistant, but we loved her so much that we offered her a full time role!


Q: What does it take to transition from an internship to a full time role?

A: It really comes down to the timing of your internship and being able to see your internship as an opportunity to demonstrate what you’re capable of. When there’s someone exceptional, they will always be at the back of our mind! As an intern, it’s important to let your team know that you want to be hired, but also think about how you can use this internship to get employed somewhere else. Asking for feedback is very important! We also keep a log of each intern’s tasks with notes, so they can take it with them when they finish and add it to their portfolio and we’re always happy to help our interns improve their resume.

*Alanah, our Marketing and Communications Whiz, wrote a great blog about CV’s!


Q: What qualities do you look for when hiring an intern?

A: Someone who is creative! That doesn’t always mean being traditionally creative, but someone who is a creative thinker! Someone who is inquisitive, proactive and confident (even if it’s someone who’s quietly confident. . .You don’t have to be an extravert!).  We also look for someone who is going to be a good culture fit. Our culture at Inka attracts a lot of people, so we make sure that we meet our interns in person first, so that we can read their energy.


Q: What makes a superstar intern?

A: All of the above qualities, but also someone who is actively participating and considers themselves to be part of the team. This could be anything from sharing your ideas and not being afraid to speak up. Especially in an agency like Inka, we throw around ideas a lot and even if your idea isn’t THE idea, everyone’s contribution leads us in the right direction. We are always looking to our interns to teach us new things too!


Q: What’s the best thing about interning with Inka?

A: The breadth of what you can learn! We really try and give our interns an understanding of the intricacies in this industry and all the opportunities that are in front of them. You also get to work with an awesome group of people who love what they do and always have fun!


Q: Do you think all students/graduates should complete an internship?

A: Ab-sol-utely! Especially when you’re looking into a career like Communications which isn’t theory based, you need to have the practical experience as well, which is invaluable. One of the main points of feedback we receive from interns who have completed an internship with us, is that the industry makes sense to them now, because they’ve seen how their skills can be implemented and they understand how the industry works. Doing an internship also shows future employers that you want to learn and you want to grow.


Inka Creative is a fully integrated boutique creative communications agency that creates unique and memorable brand experiences.  Their purpose is to empower brands to creatively become better in the way they reach their audience. Inka offer Marketing, Communications, Events, PR and digital marketing services and take pride in their creative and innovative approach to their campaigns.


For more information, check out their website www.inkacreative.com.au



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