Alternatives To A Cover Letter: How Can You Stand Out from The Crowd?


In a creative industry such as PR, you need to be able to demonstrate your creativity and ability to think outside the box. Remember, if you’re applying for a job that has been advertised online, you are likely to be up against a pool of other applicants, so you need to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd!


Instead of the classic email submission of your Resume and Cover Letter, here’s a few other tips on how you can show your creativity:


Video Cover Letter

It might sound intimidating, but 10/10 applicants who send through a video cover letter get called in for an interview! It shows you’re confident, can think outside the box and you’re not afraid to put yourself out there!

Creative Cover Letter

Design a PR campaign about YOU! This could be anything from formatting your Resume into a Media Release, or creating a Social Media content plan about you!

In-Person Application

Instead of flying under the radar and submitting your application online, why not take the initiative to go into the office, introduce yourself and hand in your resume in person! This shows that you’re confident, you’re able to communicate well with others and adds a personal touch.

Throw in a Little Something!

Something that almost ALL Communications pro’s love is… office deliveries! Especially when it’s of the edible nature! If you want to go that extra mile, why not drop off a box of cookies or cupcakes with your application? It’s an unexpected nice-to-have that will not go unnoticed!






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