What Are Employers Looking For?


In the Communications industry, the ideal candidate is someone who is ambitious, passionate, driven and excited about the prospect of working as a Communications professional. Here are some of the key selection criteria that employers look for when hiring interns or Account Coordinators:


Your WHY

Why do you want to work in Communications? What is it about the industry that excites you? What aspect of the industry are you most passionate about? What can you bring to the company?


Skills & Experience

What skills do you have that would benefit the company you’re applying for?

What experience have you had exercising these skills and how will they help you in a Communications role?

Examples include:  Managing a team, coping under pressure, customer service and communication, attention to detail, time management.

Don’t forget about your SOFT SKILLS, i.e. Initiative, determination, passion, motivation, hunger to learn.


Your Portfolio *HOT TIP: START WRITING!*

One of the most common questions that a hiring manager will ask during an interview for a Communications role is: “Do you write?” or “Do you have a blog?”. If they’re going to hire you as an Assistant or Account Coordinator, they’re going to want to know if you can do one of the most crucial aspects of the role, write! You don’t have to be a social media influencer to be a blogger, you just need to have enough material that demonstrates your style of writing (and if you can turn around and whip out your portfolio in front of the hiring manager, you’re one step ahead of the rest!) This could be anything from a daily journal, to a food blog!

Gusto Careers provides a platform for students and graduates to build your portfolio, so if you’d like to contribute or help us on a campaign, get in touch!


Your Knowledge of the Company

Why do you want to work for this company? Who are their clients? What’s your favourite campaign? What are their values and how do you fit in with those values? Do you have any recommendations or campaign ideas for one of their clients?
Do your research and you will impress!


Your Industry Knowledge

What are the current trends in the industry? Are there any great campaigns that you’ve seen recently? What’s happening in the media at the moment? Make sure you stay up to date with key news headlines!

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