Brad Pitt Will Get You Through Your Job Search

By Rowan Webb, Digital Content Coordinator at Epworth


“You are not your job”, Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden tells us in the 1999 classic ‘Fight Club’.

Pitt’s iconic character touches on a mistake so many of us can make.

When faced with a challenge, we can often let it define who we are.

Have you ever felt like your identity was that of the person who was unemployed?

The weight of rejection emails, radio silence from once promising job leads and societal pressure can see it happen to the best of us.


But you are not your employment status.


If the job search is leaving you feeling like your identity is that of the person who can’t seem to get a job, take a moment to ask a loved one what they think your best traits are.

Because what they’ll tell you will be the most important things to remember during the job seeking journey.

Exactly who you are and exactly why you matter.

Walk into that next interview and showcase the value you bring just by being the person that you are.

The rejection emails will still turn up, the once promising job leads will still turn into radio silence and you’ll still get asked “how’s the job hunt going?” for the millionth time by well-meaning family and friends, but you’ll be in a stronger place to deal with it by remembering to define yourself by your values and not by your employment status.

That phone eventually rings, the hard part is no one can tell you whether that’ll be tomorrow or a years’ time. But by remembering to define yourself by your values you’ll ensure there’s an employer on the other end of the line calling to hire you for being exactly who you are.

And they’ll be worth the wait.


  • Katie 2 years ago

    Good advice!

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