From The Footy Field To The Office: 5 Footy Skills That Helped Me Kick Goals During My Internship

By Michaela Weinstein


Being an avid sports fan and footy player, I was very excited about landing an internship at Thread Communications, one of Melbourne’s leading sports marketing and communication agencies. Here are some skills that I picked up from the sports field that helped me kick goals during my first PR Internship. 



“A champion team will always defeat a team of champions”.
Your team members at your internship are your best assets for success. Everyone has been in your shoes and knows what it’s like to walk into a new job. Take the time to talk to everyone, learn his or her story and ask for advice at all times! Sharing the load and collaborating with your team can go a long way.

Learning Is Key

I cannot stress enough that taking in the feedback and advices from your intern supervisor or coach is the best way to grow. Being open to change, whether it’s positive or constructive shows strength and a passion for the role. You are not expected to walk in there a professional or walk out knowing the world. Keep on your toes for growth at all times!

Be Brave

Internships aren’t supposed to be easy. Being thrown into the deep end with a new task or position on the field can be frighting. Being able to hold your head high and know that your supervisor has your back will let you seize opportunity when the ball comes your way. Persisting through the rough is the only way to come back from behind!

Be Honest

Whilst sometimes it’s intimidating to speak up, honesty is the best policy. Always work transparently. Your supervisor and coach are there to guide you through the good times and the bad. Whether your workload is too much or you’ve made an error with a client, being able to communicate with your team is always the way to go.

Take Initiative

When game day comes around it’s all up to you not the coach. As your internship goes on, trust yourself and have the initiative to tackle your work and clients with your own creativity and rational thinking. Always seek guidance whilst having confidence in the skills and knowledge you have gained!